Sell Branson Timeshare FAQ

When thinking about selling your Branson timeshare, there’s a lot to consider and many questions you’re seeking answers to. We make it our top priority to make selling on the resale market as simple and worry-free as possible. Below, read answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about selling timeshares in Branson. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

How do I know what my timeshare is worth?

The value of a timeshare is dependent on a variety of factors. These include the location, the resort, the unit size and accommodations, the resort amenities, and proximity to nearby attractions. It also may depend on the time of year. If you are trying to sell a timeshare, it is crucial that you advertise it for the right price. To take the guess work out of pinpointing the perfect price, fill out our timeshare worth form, and one of our trained real estate professionals will be in touch to give you an estimate.

How do I sell a timeshare?

Placing your Branson ownership for sale on the secondary marketplace is the best way to sell your timeshare. Not only do you get to remain in complete control of your ownership, but you get to choose how you want to advertise your unit, how much you want to advertise it for, and which offer to accept.

When you advertise your timeshare through, you are trusting us to promote your timeshare property to the largest number of interested buyers around the globe. We are committed to getting your timeshare seen by people who are actively searching to purchase a Branson timeshare, just like yours.

See our sell Branson timeshare page for more detailed information and step-by-step instructions.

I owe money on my timeshare, can I still sell it?

Yes, this is a common concern among people looking to sell their timeshare. There are several options in selling your Branson timeshare in this case. One option is to factor the cost of your outstanding mortgage into the overall advertising price. The second choice, if you have a personal consumer loan, is to advertise your time for the fair market value and pay off the rest of that loan later on. Lastly, you can seek alternative refinancing options. To better understand your options, give one of our Branson timeshare specialists a call at 1-844-202-7606.

Can I rent out my timeshare while it is still advertised for sale?

Yes. Since the whole process of selling is an undetermined amount of time, many people advertising their timeshares also choose to have it rented while waiting for buyer offers. Renting out a timeshare is a great way to make some extra cash on your ownership, and timeshare rentals are a very desirable vacation accommodation option because of all that they offer visitors.

What is ROFR

ROFR stands for ‘Right-Of-First-Refusal’. This is a privilege retained by certain timeshare resort developers. What it essentially means, is that the developer can choose to pay you the same price that you have agreed to accept from a buyer on the resale market. They have 30 days to review the resale purchase and decide whether or not they choose to exercise their right to buy the timeshare back. You, the owner, must wait out the 30 day review period regardless of whether or not the resort chooses to buy your accommodations back. Either way, you will receive payment from the developer or the individual buyer.